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Increasing self-sufficiency through educational and charitable projects for people nationally and internationally.

Ariemet Girl's Rescue      

When Expanding Opportunities was ready to begin working with girl's, the first step was to locate knowledgeable Kenyan women to discover what they thought were the most pressing problems facing the girl child. 

That search led us to women who answered with a resounding EDUCATION

Education builds knowledge, confidence, avenues of support and therefore weakens exploitation, poverty and dependency.

Remote Kipsing

The most vulnerable population are girls in more remote areas. Though the new Kenya constitution clearly allocates rights to children, many remote areas are not aware of the contents of the constitution. They are following the traditions of generations.

The constitution clearly outlaws FGM, Female Genital Mutilation, and EFM, Early Forced Marriage (click here for more information) and states that a child has the right to an education.

Women's meeting

Expanding  Opportunities came alongside to help.  The first steps were visits to existing facilities and rescue programs in other areas of the country and  a meeting of government officials, community members, chiefs, school principals, and children's officers held in Nanyuki. There was overwhelming agreement  that a physical Rescue Center was needed as well as community education and rescue.

Men's Meeting

A parcel of land was donated for the construction of a Center in collaboration with a CBO, Community Based Organization

In 2011, a community education project was undertaken in Kipsing. Read about that adventure: Click here.


A land survey was done and fundraising began for construction of the first phase of the rescue center.

Two girls on their way to a new life.

In 2012 there was a great deal of insecurity in the Isiolo area.  The education journey became an information gathering and immediate assistance where possible. The two girls rescued in 2011, were unhappy with the changes at their Home and after a great deal of disturbance, they were relocated.

Several new girls have been rescued.

In the FALL of 2012 ground was broken for the Ariemet Girl's Rescue Center . By January 2013, the first phase of the Center was completed. 
Due to additional complications, the center did not become fully operational.  It will be retained by  Expanding Opportunities and used as the base for the Girl's dormitories for the Gordon Clem Academy. In rescuing girls they will be housed at the Center and attend the local primary school and the Gordon Clem Academy to be built on the same site.

To sponsor a girl rescued and awaiting sponsorship, or to  donate to the immediate need Fund, please click here.



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