Gordon Clem Academy

Young, beaded girl

“Women are like property here. We circumcise them and marry them off – some as young as 10 years old.” Spoken by an elder leader to Inter Press Services

Providing hope for the future

Expanding Opportunities is working with local Kenyan Community Based Organizations to provide a home and education to rescued girls fleeing the generational tradition of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Early Forced Marriage (EFM).

The most vulnerable population are girls in more remote areas. Though the new Kenya constitution clearly outlaws FGM and EFM and states that a child has the right to an education, many remote areas are not aware of the contents of the constitution. They are following the traditions of generations.

In 2011, meetings were held with Kenyan women, government officials, community members, chiefs, school principals, and children’s officers held in Nanyuki. There was overwhelming agreement that a physical Rescue Center was needed as well as community education and rescue.

In 2012, ground was broken for Gordon Clem Academy, a home and rescue center for girls. By January 2013, the first phase of the Center was completed. Two girls have been rescued and more are awaiting assistance.

Your support will allow this work to continue and enable more girls to have access to freedom of choice, education, and self-respect.

Gordon Clem Academy is just one phase of the Street Children Fund.