Our Projects

Street Children Fund
Providing food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical care to orphans and vulnerable children of Kenya, Africa.
The Street Children Fund provides meals for children living on the streets. It built the Joseph Waweru Home School, where selected children receive food, shelter, clothing, medical care and adult role models. It assists orphans being cared for by family members who don’t have adequate income to support them.

Success Through Education, Money and Support
STEMS provides funds for school fees for students and helps them purchase the required uniforms, shoes, and books and supplies so they can attend school. It has small loan project designed to assist struggling business entrepreneurs in Kenya, Africa.

Friends Across the Ocean
Developing cultural awareness and fostering friendships.
The Student and Adult Travel Courses are designed to assist U.S. students and adults in traveling to Kenya to gain first-hand experience of life in this developing country. Service Journeys helps us advance our work in Kenya with your assistance in your area of expertise.

Artisan Support
Purchases African art for resale to support African Artisans and generate revenue for Expanding Opportunities.
Aina Moja (Kiswahili for “One of a Kind”) is a business venture developed as a means to assist the mission of Expanding Opportunities through the sale of African crafts and artwork created by African artisans. Purchase of the hand crafted items supports the struggling artists of Kenya, Africa. Sale of the items supports the missions of Expanding Opportunities.

Camp Forest
Maine day camp that teaches outdoor living skills and wildnerness appreciation.
Camp Forest is a day and expedition camp in Brooks, Maine for children 7-17 years of age. Camp Forest serves the community through teaching children to respect, preserve, and protect the environment by nurturing an appreciation of the earth and all it has to offer. Camp Forest also teaches non-violent ways to resolve conflicts between people and between people and the environment.

Distance Learning Centers
Bringing Distance Education to rural areas, Distance Learning Centers endeavors to establish small learning centers in rural communities. These small centers would be on grid, solar or wind powered and satellite linked to provide small community centers for educational purposes. Their use would include a small community library for use by rural schools and community members, basic literacy classes, vocational courses, information distribution, internet access, and post secondary education via university distance learning.

Expanding Opportunities has joined the efforts of the Rabondo Community Project to establish the first Distance Learning Center in rural Rabondo, Kenya.

Books for Kenya
The Books for Kenya project raises funds and collects used textbooks from schools in the U.S. to benefit schools in Kenya. Some of the used books are sent to Kenya and some are sold. The funds raised for this project are used to pay shipping costs on the books or to purchase books and supplies in Kenya.