What We Do

A happier, healthier life.

A happier, healthier life.

Expanding Opportunities aims to increase self-sufficiency, self-efficacy, and cultural awareness through experiential & immersive programs. Our activities improve the experience of childhood for disadvantaged, rural children and are tailored to local contexts. Our core missions are a crisis center for reuniting orphaned and abandoned children with families in Kenya and a children’s outdoor camp in Maine.

Our consulting supports local and international non-profit capacity and profits go to our mission:

  • We provide technical assistance to nonprofit organizations in the US and NGOs globally who wish to increase their impact through:
    • Needs assessment
    • Impact reporting
    • Strategic planning
    • Evidence

Our Projects:

– Reuniting and preparing families to care for disadvantaged kids; Providing educational opportunities for those who cannot afford them in Kenya

– Developing cultural awareness and fostering friendships.

– Purchases African art for resale to support African Artisans and generate revenue for Expanding Opportunities.

– Maine day camp to teach wilderness skills and appreciation.