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Give Me Five Shillings

A story of the origins of Expanding Opportunities and a peek into the life of Street Children in Kenya. The ragged dirty boy held out his hand. My heart tried to ignore him. But there he was standing in front of me. I shake my head and move on, a bundle of mixed emotions. I…

Otieno’s Thank You 2022

It is really a privilege to be one of the lucky kids in JWHS.  JWHS has empowered those whom had no hopes and with very slim chance of survival leading to no meaningful life. The home has brought comfort and fueled the dimming lights to many dreamers who had no means. The home grants the…

Otieno’s First Testimony

My name is Brian Otieno. I joined JWHS in the year 2007 in the month of April. I was 7 years old when I came to JWHS. I have been at JWHS for 6 years. The benefits I have received from JWHS 1. JWHS has given me food. 2. JWHS has given me shelter 3….

One Day In Kenya

One of the most difficult things to adjust to in Kenya is how long it can take to accomplish a simple thing. In an attempt at efficiency, the night before a trip to town a list is created. Of course it will be too long for Kenya but simple enough. Pick up 5 liters of…

The Impact of Giving

A Long Term Investment Thanks to donors like you this story is REAL and can be repeated several times. Jon joined our children’s home JWHS in 2004. His mother died when he was young. He was passed between the three sets of grandparents for several years.  Jonny rarely completed one full year of school in…


Otieno is an orphan at JWHS children’s Home. He was referred to us by the school headmaster at Menengai Primary School. He is the only child living in his family. The father died in 1999 in Bondo District after a long illness with Aids. Otieno’s mother, Alice, moved to Nakuru due to poverty. Otieno and…


Samuel Maina is 14 years old and the youngest of four children. Their mother died of Aids in 2010. Each of her children had a different father and Samuel’s father is unknown. Upon their mother’s death, the children were divided between the mother’s brother and sister. While living with his aunt, Samuel was often ill…


Benson – Gordon Clem


Francis – Gordon Clem


Benson – Gordon Clem


Monica – Gordon Clem


Maraka – Gordon Clem


Evans – Primary School

Mark Loigidongoi

My name is Mark Loigidongoi. I am seventeen years old. I live in Kiwanja, Burat Ward, Isiolo County, Kenya. I go to Gordon Clem Academy for studies because I believe it will change my life. We come for a new life through education. My aim in life is to liberate myself from poverty. I am…


Juma – Primary School


Elda – Primary School


Priscillah – Primary School


Anthony is 13 years old.   He was abandoned at his grandmother’s small single room mud home along with his sisters and brother.  The grandmother is 70 years old and has numerous medical issues. The children are a great help to her, but supporting them is very difficult. She relies on well-wishers to assist her with…

John Wren

John Wren – Primary School grade 8


Voyot (shown on the left) is a primary school student in Mangu, Kenya. He is an orphan living with his Aunt. The aunt came to Expanding Opportunities to ask for a little help. She is a hard working woman but as a widow, she is low income. She can house Voyot but needs a little…


Molly – High School third year

Teresa Grace

Teresa Grace – Primary School Kipsing


Dela – Primary School, Kipsing


Macharia – High School third year, lives with his mother


Job Makini Mutyota was once very sick and resided at JWHS. He is now managing his health and living with his loving grandmother. Expanding Opportunities has assisted him for several years. Job is currently in his fourth year of high school. Job needs a sponsor for high school.


Imam – Primary School – JWHS Sponsored


Mike – Primary School grade 8 – JWHS Sponsored


Stephanie – Primary School – JWHS

Jon Gachau Kimotho

Jon joined our children’s home JWHS in 2004. His mother died when he was young. He was passed between the three sets of grandparents for several years. He rarely completed one full year of school in the same location. Jonny was referred to us by a pastor who wished for him to have some stability…


Dini is a delightful teenager with a strong will and upstanding character. She came to us as a rescued girl. One vulnerable to early marriage.  She was 10 years old and had not attended school. She was bright and ready.  As her story was told, one of the visitors with us promised to support Dini…

Green Moon

by Beverly Gilbert Stone Kenya – April 21, 2016 The moon is full and according to Facebook it is the GREEN MOON. But I can’t see it as it is April and the rains have begun. I don’t mind the sleepless full moon energy though it robs me of my sleep. I can lay here…