Jon Gachau Kimotho

Jon joined our children’s home JWHS in 2004. His mother died when he was young. He was passed between the three sets of grandparents for several years. He rarely completed one full year of school in the same location.

Jonny was referred to us by a pastor who wished for him to have some stability in his life. He joined our family and brought us much joy with his quick laughter, marvelous giggle, and positive, helpful and fun loving spirit.

In 2007, Jonny was fortunate to gain a sponsor. She has assisted him through high school and into college. He will be graduating this year. Though it is unusual to assist children beyond high schoo, this is something the sponsor wanted to do and Expanding Opportunities agreed to assist.

In his own words Jon says:
“It always takes a great heart to consider other people in life, a kind heart to give not because one has too much to give but simply because you care. I know that I have not done anything special to deserve all the support and help you have given me in my education. I don’t know how I can say thank you and show my gratitude to all of you (my well-wishers and supporters). For now, just know that I highly appreciate your support with a great heart and I am working hard not to disappoint. THANK YOU. God bless you.”

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