Dini is a delightful teenager with a strong will and upstanding character. She came to us as a rescued girl. One vulnerable to early marriage.  She was 10 years old and had not attended school.

She was bright and ready.  As her story was told, one of the visitors with us promised to support Dini and accompanied her to a children’s home where she settled Dini in and enrolled her in school.

The children’s home changed management and the new management was not good. Expanding Opportunities fought to get the two rescued girls out of there and Dini eventually came to JWHS  as one of the first two girls.

Dini’s goal is to be number one in her class. She had changed school this year and is well on her way to number one in a new school with 373 of 500 points and position 8 of 23.


Dini’s son, Gabriel

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