Whole selves, Whole worlds

African traditions often take precedent over constitutional law.

The girls who come to us are escaping serious neglect or abuse, but they have caring relatives we are helping to prepare for adoption.

As children grow and become adults, our world neglects to prepare those in low income, rural, or low-resource settings to mature as whole people who can live on their own, act with integrity, and fully experience the world around them. Expanding Opportunities attempts to fill the gaps in a global educational system increasingly in crisis.

In Kenya, our crisis center rescues orphaned and vulnerable children, prepares communities and families to succeed in caregiving, reunites families torn apart by poverty, and restores communities.

In Maine, Camp Forest‘s camperships program provides nature immersion educational experiences to children growing up with a lack of experiential, nature-based activities.

Our impact consulting prepares nonprofits and NGOs for strategic impacts, so the work they do in the world is more powerful.

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Cob Workshop – A Mud Service Journey in Kenya, Africa

Our children want fresh eggs and meat. Come join us on a special service journey to help our school build a chicken coop and learn an old world skill of working with cob.

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