Samuel Now

Samuel Now

Samuel Maina is 14 years old and the youngest of four children. Their mother died of Aids in 2010. Each of her children had a different father and Samuel’s father is unknown. Upon their mother’s death, the children were divided between the mother’s brother and sister.

While living with his aunt, Samuel was often ill with chest infections and ear infections causing him a considerable amount of absence from school. At one visit, the Doctor suggested an HIV test. He was positive and this news was devastating. HIV is still greatly misunderstood and families struggle with acceptance. The aunt was not able to support both of the children and with the addition of the fear and stigmatization of his status, Samuel was rejected and found himself unwanted.

In May of 2013, Samuel came to live with us at JWHS. Over the years, we have worked to educate and heal the family’s acceptance. Now he visits them on school holidays. On the last holiday, he got to visit with his separated siblings as well.

Samuel 2013

Samuel 2013

Samuel manages his illness well and accepts that it is not a death sentence. Catching up and working hard in school he has obtained position 17 out of 23 students.

Samuel came to Joseph Waweru Home School in May of 2013. He is in need of love and acceptance, which we can provide.

$450 supports Samuel in the home including bedding, clothing, school, uniform, books, and medical care. Sponsors may make annual payments of $450, monthly payments of $37.50, or weekly payments of $9.00 to sponsor Samuel.

Sponsors may:
Write to their child;
Skype with their child (planned dates);
Even visit their child!

To Sponsor Samuel now, use the PayPal subscribe option below:

Sponsor Options

Other Sponsor Options:

  • Mail a check to Expanding Opportunities, 39 Main Street, 1B, Belfast, Maine;
  • Schedule an automatic withdrawal through PAYPAL to;
  • Call 1-207-930-8012 with your credit card information: request one full payment per year; automatic monthly payments, or contact us each month;
  • MPESA 254 (0)707-366833;
  • Stop in at 39 Main Street 1B, Belfast Maine.

You may also make a one time donation of any amount by clicking the button below.

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