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Individual Child Support: Boy Child

Individual Child Support: Girl Child

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Increasing self-sufficiency through educational and charitable projects for people nationally and internationally.

Individual Child Support: The Boy Child

Sponsoring a child can be a deeply enriching experience.
  As a sponsor you can write to your child, send pictures of your family, home etc., email through our manager, telephone your child, or even visit!
Your sponsored child can write to you at his level. Expanding Opportunities will provide you with updated photos of your child annually.
Your sponsorship will allow a child to have a home, food, clothing, education, medical care, and guidance with their physical, mental emotional and spiritual growth.
We are here to help your sponsorship be all you would like it to be. Don’t hesitate to contact us.
Select your child, click the Sponsor button to sponsor through PayPal or email, info@expandingopportunities.org to have a representative of Expanding Opportunities contact you and your adventure in child sponsorship will begin.
Scroll down to meet our boys
Click here to sponsor a girl
  • Currently it costs $150.00 per month to fully sponsor food, shelter, clothing, education, medical care and loving surrogate parents per child in JWHS, a children's home. Some of our Orphans at Home children are assisted with uniforms, school fees, or other essentials while they remain in the homes of extended family.
  • Sponsors may pay a portion of the child's monthly support and share the child with other sponsors. Expanding Opportunities can only absorb 2-3 non sponsored children. We do have empty beds - consider the sponsorship of a child - one listed here or a new child we will accept for you.
  • Children who do not have a sponsor are dependent on the generosity of individual donors.  If you do not want to sponsor a child, would you consider a one time donation  to support the children who do not have sponsors.

Samuel – the last of 4 children from different absent fathers. His mother’s life is the tragic story of lack of education, lack of guidance, constant hard manual labor and the position and expectations of women in the culture. Samuel, the last born watched as she slowly struggled with the HIV received at his conception and transmitted to him. He suffers but does not know or understand why. She died and left the four children on their own. Two of the mother’s relatives were found and the children divided between the mother’s brother and sister. Samuel and his sister were given to their aunt. The aunt is married with 5 of her own children. She took the children and enrolled them in school. Samuel was often ill and out of school so his performance was poor. Once he became ill with a serious ear infection and was taken to the clinic. While undergoing tests, his HIV status was revealed. Extended family members refused to visit due to this status; they would not allow their children to visit either. Samuel’s status was hidden from him but not the rejection. We were told about this boy and asked to help. Over the past few years, Samuel has been able to thrive and looks forward to visits with his Aunt during school holidays.

Mike has been at JWHS for a number of years.  He and his brother were living with an aunt. She was unable to care for them. They both came to live at JWHS.  Joshua has since grown and flown. Mike has grown and developed into a bright talented young man. He is nearing the end of his primary education and has improved greatly in the last two years.

John is a happy young man with an infectious giggle.  He is currently in college and achieving all A's and B's

His long term sponsor is struggling to pay his college fees. Thank you for your faithful support, Lisa. 

Lisa could use any assistance you could provide to keep him on course in college and prevent interrupting his education.

Emam  Imam  joined us in 2009. He was taken to the streets to join his brother, a toughened street boy. His language and attitude when he first arrived told us where he was headed, but soon he responded to the steady meals, warm friendships and routine at the Joseph Waweru Home School. Now he greets us with a ready smile, and huge hugs..
Imam is sponsored by Morrill Baptist Church, Thank you.



Otieno is bright and articulate. He speaks fluent English and Swahili.  He is the last survivor of his family.  His parents contracted HIV shortly after his birth. Though he is HIV- , all his siblings were HIV+.  Slowly one by one they each died.  The school alerted JWHS about this child. He came to school with no breakfast or lunch in a ragged worn out uniform and no shoes.  After hearing of his plight, and meeting his grandparents who were his care providers along with many other grandchildren, he came to live at JWHS

Otieno is now entering his second year of high school at a boarding school. He visits his JWHS and his grandparents and cousins on holidays.

Otieno is sponsored by Trinity Parish in Lenox, Ma. Thank you.
John Eren 
John Eren is a primary school student. He is an orphan living with his elderly grandmother who is caring for two additional grandchildren. John is quiet and shy, he performs well in school and is gaining an excellent grasp of English. We met John in 2009, when his grandmother came to JWHS seeking assistance. Since then we have assisted John as we are able to purchase school shoes, uniform, or supplies.


Gideon is the brother of a Nakuru street boy.  JWHS had first accepted his brother.  The call of the street was too strong and soon he returned to the streets of Nakuru.  After locating him, he requested that we accept his brother in his place so he would not become like him.  Please pray for John Karanja as he struggles with life on the streets.

After struggling for several years, his mother has now stabilized and found employment. Gideon was struggling with the option to return home to his Mom and sister.  He chose that option. Always these are bitter sweet for JWHS. We have adopted these children as our own but their family was first and will remain the greatest influence on the boys.  

As his mother is still supporting two children as a single parent, we have agreed to assist with Gideon's school fees, uniforms and supplies. 


Job is a quick witted, respectful and very bright young man. He is HIV+. He lived with us at JWHS for several years.  He has learned to take his medical care seriously and takes personal responsibility for himself.   He can look forward to a long healthy life. 

At the close of 2010, he chose to return to his grandparent's home.  

He completed his Primary examination and is waiting for the results.  We expect he has done well and will need a sponsor for his High School.  

The expected amount is $700.00 per year. It can be paid monthly fully or partially.

Patrick Patrick and Voyot are brothers.  As orphans they are currently living with their aunt.  Though they are a handful for her, she is doing her best. Expanding Opportunities is assisting her with school expenses for them.

Patrick is the elder of the two boys.

He can use donation of any amount.
 Patrick and Voyot are brothers.  As orphans they are currently living with their aunt.  Though they are a handful for her, she is doing her best. Expanding Opportunities is assisting her with school expenses for them.

Voyot is the younger of the two boys. H excels in academics.

He can use donation of any amount.

A New Child to be selected 

There are over 1 million orphans in Kenya.  Expanding Opportunities has space for 16 children. Will you sponsor a child? 

It costs $150 per month to fully sponsor a child at JWHS. If you fully sponsor, we will accept a new child into the home and connect you with that child as a sponsor.

If you give a one time donation, or a partial recurring sponsorship donation, it will be used for the expenses of a  child without a sponsor.

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