Letters of Thanks

A letter from one of the boys:

I can not tell what you go through in life for us to live comfortably, get an education clothes and food. I lack words to express my thanks, love and concern to you. You really mean a lot to me.

Letter Writing

Letter Writing

You are such a loving, caring and a kind mother and I always thank God for helping make you think and reason with your heart because most probably I would not be here and the far I have gone in life. You are so wonderful because you have served and this earns you a badge of honor to me though I know you will say humility is the true badge of the highest honor.

You have also taught me about choice and now I am very careful while making my choices more than I was before. Now the thing I have learned from you is to be kind, honest, have integrity, love and respect to others.

I pray to God to give you a very long life so that you will see your products, the fruits of your good, best and great work in this world.

A post from, Sammy:



Hi Bev and the Donors. Let me also take this precious time to thank you for all the good work you have done so far. Myself, I have benefited from your help. When i joined the home, I didn’t have hopes to even join campus of which by Gods grace I did.
I hereby take this opportunity to thank everyone who really struggled to make my life be the way it is.

To you mom, may the Living God see you through and make you live long. I remember most of you advises even the smallest e.g “USITUPE TAKATAKA MAHALI POPOTE” (Don’t go throw throwing trash just anywhere).

May you all continue with that heart of giving. We understand that you don’t give because you have a lot but it is because you have the heart of helping. May you all feel appreciated.

I would also like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We love you all.

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